Branding Political Reputation

 Branding Political Reputation

Every leader has a reputation. Every one you meet will form an opinion on you and on your reputation. The challenge is to manage your reputation and improve upon it.  You are also need to convert whatever opinion you are projecting or would like to project should be always positive and long lasting.

In other words you should create a separate unique brand of yourself:

–         By differentiating yourself from others

–         By positioning yourself differently

–         By consisting marketing efforts

–         By delivering your message clearly and quickly

–         By stroking an emotional chord

–         By creating a kind of loyalty

You should not try to be one among few thousands and you should not try to be a follower of some one, you should not create an impression that you are trying to get into a band-wagon of some one else.

You will have to carry certain value of yours.  You got to become relentlessly focused on what you do that adds value to your brand.

Never ever forget that you are a Brand of yourself and that has to be maintained and improved. Your actions, your followers and your friends may damage that brand or can improve that brand quality. So, you need to verify the followers and friends and select accordingly.

You should be relevant to the needs and aspirations of the public. There is no such thing called “common man” – entire public becomes “common man” on the Election Day. The so called Aam Aadmi is a creation of a slogan.  In the same way you should have some brand name of your own.. so people recognizes you easily and quickly.

What we do? –  We create a kind of “public”  – who support you.

We make comments on social media and in blogs – and mention your name frequently and attach you to certain level of brand.

We write your speech – in a different way…. Irrespective of which party you belongs.

We tour your constituency and get the real time feedback – and then identify certain emotional issues – and create some content.

We will discuss with different people in villages and towns and cities to obtain certain opinion on others and about you.

Then we discuss the strategy – and create a plan of action and set the dates to implement them.

A speech by you and 3 speeches by your followers and then another 5 speeches by village level followers …. And then feedback from all these speeches and then discuss the modalities and edit next speech.

That way we know where we are lacking and where we are heading and how we are performing.

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Self Promotion

Promoting a politician is not easier thing in this current situation.  In some cases your party stand may help you and in certain cases the emotional issues you rake-up will help you to win.

 Whatever, at the end you need a Personal Brand of your own.

You need to follow the rules. (Whatever !)

 The rules are rules.  And in politics there are more unwritten rules than written rules. The rules written by media are different and rules written by the leaders of political parties are different and in certain issues, YOU need to write your own rules.

 Number one rule is – Act as if you have taken a stand – but never ever take a stand – on certain cases unless they are universal.   But whenever you talk some thing which is near to the heart of the public – you should say it induced passion to stand out in the crowd.

 If your aim is to speak on limited issues, in which you have the authority and command – then you select the occasion where more people are assembled rather than small occasion.

Like in Face-book where people look for “likes” and click on it, you should look for opportunity or occasion from the public to ask you questions – and when you answer them you get more “likes” – more attraction, more mileage, and more news papers write about it

You don’t have much time, so, you should start it as fast as possible and when you start, you should do it from corners.

 Your reputation is what you stand for – A stand something special, need not be unique, but close to your heart, but should be easily understandable around and must be connected to current prime issues and of a compelling nature.

You should be aware that you should not cross certain limits – so watch your mouth.

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